Some interesting things about German film …

I’ve finished my essay for my penultimate module and it’s been very interesting. I chose to look at Ostalgie (Nostalgia for the East) film and examine if it is the National Cinema of re-unified Germany.
First of all I discovered the most popular German film in Germany in the noughties was a romantic comedy called Kienohrhasen. Indeed … German and comedy aren’t usually two words a British viewer would associate but in fact it was one of the best Romantic Comedies I have seen (and I have seen a lot). I have no idea why it wasn’t released outside Germany, I had to get it through Ebay. Luckily with subtitles!

Anyway in the course of my essay I also found out that Ulrich Muhe who played the Stasi captain in Lives of Others had been spied on by the Stasi himself and believed his wife was the informant! Which wasn’t an odd assumption – apparently 1 in 9 people were in the stasi and even more were informants!

I also watched a wonderful Ostalgie film called Sonnenallee which would probably have been even better with subtitles but was pure Ostalgie.

I also watched a rather harrowing film called the Wave, it is about how easy it is for dictatorships to develop. It shows a High School teacher who wants to show his class that it could happen again … but with harrowing results.

I think I may have unearthed a passion for German film …


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    1. It was excellent but is only in German – no subtitles. I bought in on (Sus has my copy but will lend it to you when she’s done with it) x

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