Building a library from scratch!

So today I went to visit my new employment as Learning Resources Manager at INTO UEA. It is a really exciting prospect and I envisage a very busy year ahead – essentially it is a room with some shelves and a few uncatalaogued, unsecured books.
When I left my head was spinning a bit from all the things that need doing – find Library Management System, order stock, catalogue it, do I want self- issue, if so how will it work, security systems, ways of accessing other libraries and so on. There are 100 students now but in 18 months there will be getting on for 1500 so I need to be thinking of them really. It’s exhilirating and really draws on all my skills.
I’ve still got a few weeks left at Brighton but the entrepeneur in me is kicking in and I keep thinking like a business person i.e. I want this to happen and I want it to happen now!
Anyway I will keep blogging on the pros and cons and adventures of setting a new library up.


3 thoughts on “Building a library from scratch!”

  1. Congratulations Helen, our loss. If I can help on any systems things in future feel free to drop me a line or a tweet.

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