How to set a library up in 3 weeks …

I have got everything in place for an amazing library! I really hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly but I have purchased a library management system, secured suppliers, purchased self-issue and security … need to convince the management above that I need more than half a member of staff but it’s coming together!
For the library management system I have opted for Heritage as they are really suitable to smaller libraries and I like the fact I will be able to tailor it to our needs. For example I’ll be able to set loan periods for particular courses and renewal dates to suit those students.
Setting up a new library with a blank canvas is so exciting. Things like what do I need to set rules about, what fine levels, layout and so on … it’s a lot to think about! Plus produce teaching and training materials for students from foundation to MBA.
I’ll reveal the other details later …
I’m off to purchase some celebatory cheese from the farmer’s market across the road.