The power of twitter

Recently I had trouble cancelling my account with a well known DVD rental company. It seemed I had been one of the unlucky people (of which there seem to be a lot) who had trouble with the timing of cancellation and the fact that this company then claim the DVDs were either returned late or weren’t returned. (Both in my case …).
Anyway I’d emailed and called and then I posted about it on twitter. Friends replied including one saying she wouldn’t sign up (see below – I’ve blanked out the name of the company and my friend’s details as I’m over it now) and another from a friend offering good advice at what to do about them by contacting my card company.  tweet
It was only after all this that I received a non-standard more personal response and a refund for most of the money although not all of it for some reason which I don’t know about because obviously that would be too much to ask they refund the additional £30. 
 Surely I shouldn’t have had to resort to publicly naming and shaming them to get money back which they shouldn’t have taken in the first place. They did still refunded it begruddgingly as a “goodwill gesture” (hey! guess what as a goodwill gesture I won’t sue – was what I felt like emailing them back) but the point is if their systems and customer service hadn’t been so bad then I would have left in July last year. I wouldn’t have had over £80 taken and I may have considered rejoining at a later date. As it was they were so bad I would never consider using them again and several of my twitter followers won’t join in future because they all know about it now.
So right now I’d like to thank Twitter and the twitterati for helping me acheive a small victory. When people ask what the point of twitter is – I think I now have a good example!

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