Week 2: #23thingscity Keeping up to date (igoogle)

Having revealed my lack of use/interest in RSS feeds I feel I should now say how great iGoogle is but sadly like my RSS feeds my iGoogle page has sat unloved for many years. Here it is. It’s quite pretty:


I obviously set up a search widget when I was doing my research on why people watch Romantic Comedies and my new feeds (which I will never look at) are there but I haven’t got it as my homepage as I have tabs which open in Firefox with the main pages I’ll use everyday (Library homepage, Cass databases, Google).

If I want to find out the currency conversion rate of something I wouldn’t use that widget I’ve got in iGoogle. I’d google a currency converter (Probably using the google search box which appears in my browser in the top right hand corner).

I don’t want to put people off from using RSS feeds or iGoogle. For many, many people they are excellent and fit with their own internet use but I guess that for me how I use the internet has evolved over the years and I use the bits of it I want to do the things I want to do. I am generally and early adopter and try most things once. If I benefit from it it will stay, if I don’t I forget about it until reminded later …. I wonder how many things I use during 23things I will still be using a year from now?


4 thoughts on “Week 2: #23thingscity Keeping up to date (igoogle)”

  1. It’s interesting how many people are Not Pro iGoogle, isn’t it? But then you couldn’t part me from my feed reader, but I don’t think I’m using it in the same way as everyone else.

    I view it more as a sort of dynamic-bookmarky-personal internet, I shove everything in there and rely on my categories and the ‘what’s new’ feature to make things easy to find, whereas a lot of people seem to be thinking that if they’ve put a feed in there, they MUST read all of it. In fact, I often don’t, and also I often unsubscribe/resubscribe to stuff all the time.

    That said I’ve never used it for search strings/academics until today either, so I don’t know how likely I am to keep that use up. But the main positive for me is that I can stay on top of interests very efficiently, but without feeling any pressure to click on those black ‘unread’ numbers.

    1. I totally agree some people are put off by the unread post pressure (not me, I am happy to Mark everything as read!).
      I’ve just loaded flipboard on to my iPad and have added my google reader to it out of interest to see if I look at it more using this. We’ll see….

  2. Ooh, one more thing – interestingly I don’t really use any bookmarking tools anymore for personal stuff – virtually everything is in my reader… maybe that’s a reason you don’t feel the need for it, if you do?

    1. I don’t really use bookmarking tools anymore just bookmarks on the computer. I did use delicious when I was doing my film research though as I was doing it all over the place. I also email myself stuff as I can search my hotmail and access that anywhere.

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