On Saturday while I was showing my sister my iPad she mentioned she’d heard of a great app called flip something that allowed an iPad user to view Facebook, twitter and other feeds together. So far this sounds just like various other feed readers but … This is different. It is called Flipboard and was designed specifically for the iPad. It turns your feeds into a magazine. I had wondered if this would be style over substance but I love it! I have even ended up using my google reader more because it is in it.

The front page has your feeds laid out with images from (usually) the latest post:


When you click into a feed it displays part of the content of a link under the tweet or post:


If you then click into the content it displays within the same flipboard format and is really easy to read:


Or view:


If you want to see the Rick Astley video click here.

The pages turn like a magazine.

Maybe the novelty will wear off (like my tweet deck, igoogle etc) but at the moment it is my new favourite thing! If you have an iPad download it free from the App store.

This video shows it better than me (from Flipboard.com)