Librarian day in the life 7 – Wednesday

Sorry no graph today as I won’t have time. Instead here’s a picture of a book recently donated to Cass:


Today the first thing I did was grab the last Library Campticket and then I spent the morning in meetings. The first was induction group where we are planning the induction especially materials and content. Jessica and Antonella are working on an excellent but top secret idea which Sam and I are doing videos for. Sam and I are also going to try and produce a short film from these video clips. We hope. We’ll then produce a more polished one for next year.

We’ve collected together questions for an induction quiz and I spent a while this afternoon creating a google form so students can fill it in online. Most of the questions were straight forward but there were a couple which suited multiple choice options but thinking of the options was tricky as we don’t want to plant erroneous ideas in the students heads. We also have to be mindful of the multiple-site nature of our library service and make sure things are universal.

After the induction meeting I had a meeting with Peter and Paul about website things including statistics. I have access to all the library website statistics through google analytics and we talked about how we could use the information. There’s a lot. There are also a lot of terms used which need explaining so this afternoon I started a glossary of them.

Following my 23things preparation on my late night I recorded a how to video today and drafted the post.

Sam organised a 23things tea using Doodle as per Thing 14. This was good as several people from all over the office got together to discuss 23things. Everybody had positive experiences and we agreed that it’s been a good experience even though I revealed an aversion to something which Ollie is now using against me. I also enthused about Evernote which is this week’s cool extra thing.

Finally Sam has reported back on her Great Toast Survey which was also a 23things thing from last week. It was filled in by librarians across the country so probably tells you more about librarians than #libday7 ever will.