Librarian Day in the Life 8 – Tuesday #libday8

I did a session on referencing with final year students. It was good and to my relief they seem to have grasped the basics and their questions were the more complicated how do I reference a graph from Bloomberg … I think sometimes these sessions are as much about telling people where they can find the answers as they are about giving them the answers.

I then checked the new financial databases suite we are opening – it is a room with Bloomberg and Datastream terminals in the University Library. It is pretty much good to go. I am really excited about this as our undergraduate students will be pleased to be able to use them on site rather than having to go to the library at Cass Business School (our undergraduates are taught at the main campus).

The afternoon I had a meeting with my manager and an academic about embedding information literacy – lots of good ideas and really good to have academics getting behind us!

I then caught up on emails and had a chat with my manager and Carolyn (the Electronic Resources Manager) about the card sorting yesterday.