The Muppets (2011)

The Muppets (film)
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Nostalgia and laughter. Essentially that is what the Muppets film promised and it gives you both in spades. Apparently children enjoy it too, or so Claire tells me, which suggests it is definitely a film that works for adults and children. Although in the nature of successful cross generational films I suspect adults and children experience very different films.

We’d been looking forward to watching this since we found the trailer in the Autumn and we weren’t disappointed. Even the cynic amongst us was able to forget that essentially this was a merchandising exercise for Disney, who resurrected the Muppets for their first film for 12 year after a pitch by Jason Segel (How I Met your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) in 2008.  Part of the pre-release publicity included several spoof trailers and the day before its release and iPhone app was launched.
Cynicism aside the scene where they recreate the opening credits took me right back to Wednesday evenings watching it(I think it was Wednesdays) and there are catchphrases a plenty. How I wish I could “go by map” sometimes! The oscar winning song “Man or Muppet” is show stopping.
This is the story of how three fans help The Muppets to save their old  theatre from greedy developmers.  Cue chases, villainous deeds, musical numbers and many, many cameos. It is a real caper and provides so many nods at past Muppet shows that you can’t help but be engaged. Writer Segel stars with Amy Adams as two of the fans. They look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves and that helps the enjoyment of the audience.
If you don’t have a child to accompany you don’t worry, the cinema was full of adults. The plot is a little flimsy but it is fun so who cares? We left with smiles on our faces and a skip in our step.