The Best Fudge Recipe …

It has taken me a long time to perfect the fudge recipe below, I have adapted several others to get it and after a request to share it here it is …


200ml Whole Milk

250g Unsalted butter

1 kilogram granulated sugar

5 tablespoons Golden Syrup

400g Condensed milk (one carnation tin)


One large strong pan

Sugar (Candy in US) Thermometer

Large wooden spoon (ideally a preserving one)

Heat resistant bowl



Put all the ingredients in a large pan and boil on high heat.

All the ingredients
All the ingredients in the pan

Stir constantly until the mix reaches 115 Centigrade (Soft Ball)


An action shot:
Mixture reaches 115 degrees

Mixture reaches 115 degrees

Pour into a mixing bowl and leave for about 3-5 mins

Mixing bowl
Cooling mixture in bowl

Whisk until the sugar crystallizes, turning the mixture into fudge.

Whisking the fudge
Whisk the fudge - it is easier with an electric whisk but you can do it by hand.

When it is ready it will be thick and matt rather than glossy

The fudge is lighter and mattePour it into greased tins and leave to cool, score the piece before totally set.

Fudge in tinsEnjoy!

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