2012 … the year I will

Ok, when on NYE people asked me if I had any resolutions I said “Nope”. Seriously I didn’t. I like my job, I lost loads of weight last year, I don’t smoke, I don’t feel I drink too much (NYE drinking does not count), saw a lot of my friends and family and last year was such a momentous year for me I just kind of wanted to carry on as I was in 2012. Not unlike this Calvin and Hobbs cartoon:

Anyway a week into 2012 I appear to have some resolutions. I thought if I write them down I might do them (partly inspired by Jo Alcock).

1. Write 52 film reviews / film related blog posts – film is my great passion and since finishing my MA I have missed writing about it so here goes …
2. Learn to code with codeacademy I’m a geek and proud of it (and am soooo going to beat that @richardhornshaw)
3. Blog more (not just about film)
4. Be confirmed.
5. Remember the feeling I had when I never thought I’d get better a year ago and carry on enjoying every day because none are as bad as they were last February/March.

We’ll see how well I do …

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