Google Wave may explode

I was just on Google Wave answering some Quiz questions when this rather alarming message appeared:

This wave is experiencing some slight turbulence, and may explode. If you don’t wanna explode, please re-open the wave. Some recent changes may not be saved

I don’t want an exploding wave!!!


Google Wave

I was lucky enough to be invited to Google Wave back in October and have to say I didn’t really get its usefulness but that may have been because I only had my sister to wave at!

About a fortnight ago some colleagues were invited, suddenly it all makes sense! Katie, Sarah and I are planning the quiz for the staff party using it and it is excellent.

We can exchange files, pictures and chat. It is all recorded so we can review it and while we can chat live we can also post things when we are the only person waving.

Occasionally it is a bit slow but I can see the potential for collaborative working.

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