Teaching in Higher Education

Today I have been taking part in the Teaching in Higher Education short course at university. It’s been a really interesting day, sharing ideas with people who are teaching all over the university in a variety of departments.
Today we mainly focussed on planning and discussing ways of dealing with different situations.
I can’t wait to apply some of what I have learnt to inductions and training. It wouldn’t be a bad exercise to produce aims and learning outcomes for the various things we do. It would be a far better use of our time than faffing with screenshots!
I’m hoping this will all help to inform my National Teaching Fellowship.


National Teaching Fellowship

Today I went to a meeting about the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme as I am eligible to apply this year (or next and so on …).

It would be a great honour to receive a fellowship but more important at the moment is the process. It will give me the opportunity to reflect on my own teaching skills.

I have support from acdemics but whenever I mention it within my department I get a “hmmm that’s nice” and carry on.

At the moment I am the only person in the department who is eligible to apply (although I hope some of my colleagues may get nominated for the internal award soon and be able to join me!).

I’m trying to find out more about other librarians who have been awarded it – there aren’t a vast number!

So on top of 5000 words on Ostalgie cinema I now need to do 5000 words all about me by January 4th, the latter being the more alarming!

Essay first, then all about me, then re-write essay and so on.

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